Cooperation with Universities and  Universities of Applied Science

Because everything just works much better when we reach out to one another the Eurasia institute connects universities with students. Germany is quite a cool place to study. The opportunities are endless and Germany as a country is liberal and far from narrow minded. Everybody is welcome. It’s a brand and foremost brave new world and students experience that over here.

In life all is about relationships. The GoStudyFree institute is in the know of that all and has been busy over many years to build solid cooperative relationships with German universities and technical universities. Their competent knowledge and years of experience is a big plus which we benefit from. With their help we are able to support international applicants on their way to a successful university studies in Germany and to make them feel at home.


Our cooperative work covers the following areas and projects

German universities actively support us in the application of potential foreign students on Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. German universities check the acceptability of educational certificates from the applicant’s home country for entry to a German
The GoStudyFree-Institute acts as an intermediary between German and foreign universities for potential joint ventures. The GoStudyFree-Institute prepares foreign students from a linguistic
as well as intercultural standpoint for study at a German university.
The GoStudyFree-Institute maintains a number of joint ven-
tures with universities both at home and abroad and we are always ready to expand our international education network.

Programs and services

Our cooperative ventures are underpinned by professional linguistic and intercultural know-how. Thanks to our connections with international academic networks we are able to offer German universities and universities of applied sciences the following continuing professional development programs and services:

English courses Intercultural seminars Marketing

In the course of the Bologna Process, the number of English-taught degrees offered by German and European universities is growing. This expanded range of courses are putting higher demands on the English skills of German and European lecturers.

Tailored professional development courses

GoStudyFree as an authentic force is staying abreast of this trend. We offer tailored professional development courses in english for lecturers and university staff:

Summer language courses in Berlin for German and European university staff Intensive English courses for German and European academics and
lecturers who teach on English-taught courses
Training in English fluency for staff in International Student Departments Preparation for the IELTS test*, and sitting the test in cooperation with
the British Council Berlin
Guaranteed level assessment test at the beginning of the course  


Aims and content of the courses
Training in communication skills using academic language,
both written and verbal, for lectures, seminars and exercises.
Writing essays and reports
Preparing presentations Compiling and presenting arguments
Leading discussions Structuring seminars and exercises
Developing questionnaires Compiling bibliographies and references


University Networking

We are living in a small world nowadays but nevertheless it can be quite an ordeal to find the right universities and connections. The Eurasia institute comes to the rescue with many links with universities and other educational institutions both in Germany and worldwide. With their help we are more than able to help international applicants on their way to obtaining a university place in Germany.

From an educational point of view we like to show the world that Germany is a great place to study. And even more important: we have an excellent positioning within the international education market. Feel free to use this and get the best out of your future.

Foreign delegations of prospective university graduates and specialists can attend our specialist seminars on a wide range of subjects. We maintain a number of joint ventures with universities abroad and are always ready to expand our international educational network.

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