Scholarships for bachelor & master program in Germany for Indian students

Most of the Indian students acquiring high-quality education from abroad is a dream only. This is because pursuing any program abroad is highly expensive. But, nowadays the scholarship programs has proved great. The scholarship has made the education highly affordable and enables to access the best university in Germany. Scholarships for bachelors and masters programs in Germany is available.

Here in Germany, the government has recognized the threshold in the population. Thus they are greatly investing in broadening the opportunities to the students through the scholarship or some other means of the financial aid.

Primarily, there are 5 kinds of overseas scholarship study programs in Germany for Indian Students:

Merit-based Scholarship: 

The merit-based scholarship is a kind of scholarship given to the students who are on the merit list of the universities. This totally depends on their educational percentage. This merit-based award is on the basis of the athlete, academic, artistic and other extra-curricular activities.

Student Specific Scholarship Program:

This kind of scholarship program in Germany is granted to the students with distinct personalities such as gender, medical issues, race or religion. This kind of scholarship is generally categorized as the minority based scholarship.

Need-Based Scholarship:

The basic condition of this kind of the scholarship is to meet the financial condition. This kind of the scholarship is granted to the students who belong to a good financial family and is eligible to study abroad. Moreover, the academic profile is considered but the primary condition is the monetary well being of the family. This kind of overseas scholarship offers the coverage that ranges from full tuition fees to living cost as well as cost of the books.

Career-specific Scholarship:

This is a kind of the scholarship program comes under the financial aid to address the supply shortage as well as generic term outlook career. Most of the universities have an agenda of giving the admission to the talented students which give the advantage to the recruiters to hire the talented persons.

College Specific Scholarships:

Most of the universities have their specific criteria to give the admission to the international students, Most of the college offer scholarship based admission on the basis of the various factors such as the personal achievements, academics, extra-curricular activities, athletics and much more. This will also reduce the tuition fees for the students.

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