Visa assistance for student study abroad in Germany master & bachelor program

For most of the students of India, Germany is one of the best European countries for studying. This country is well known for offering high-quality education with the advanced equipment. We at Go Study Free offers visa assistance for student study abroad in Germany master & bachelor program:

Kind of Visa:

The individual of India who used to stay in Germany for more than 90 days requires the visa for entering the country. If the person is the student then they need the student visa or any other then requires applicant’s visa. The students are not allowed in the country with the tourist visa as this cannot be converted in residence permit after the student is in Germany.

If you need to stay in Germany for more than 90 days, then you require the residence permit. Thus, in order to get from one of this visa, the international student need to provide enrolment certificate at university which they attend, valid proof of the finance and health insurance and also need to show proof which they have registered with authorities (after they reach to Germany).

The student needs to prove that they have sufficient finance for one year. The amount is about 659 to 7908 euros total. The permit of residence for the student has been issued to the student for purpose of studying which is valid for two years maximum. Thus, the student need to care for the renewal of the visa.

Cost of Visa:

The cost for applying the visa is about 60 euros for the student visa. Also, the residence permit cost is there which is about 60 euros.

The visa process mainly takes 8 to 12 weeks. Thus, the international students are mostly advised to apply for a visa as early as possible.

Steps to Apply for Visa:

Things student need to do to apply for the student visa for Germany:

  1. Schedule appointment with German embassy in India with the help of visa application center. Then, go there for the interview and get your biometrics collected
  2. offer the biometrics during the process of visa application. This is basically used for the security purpose.
  3. Require attending the interview of visa during the process of application.

Documents Required During Visa Process:

The most vital thing which the student needs to prove during applying for the visa is to prove themselves that they are strong financially. For German visa, they need to prove that they have 720 euros per month in their bank account.

Need to prove that they have fluency in speaking, writing English so as to study at German University.