Bachelor Degree in Germany

have completed your school education and still require equivalence with the German Abitur to be accepted for German university programmes.  Here you have the chance of entering the German higher education system through a Foundation College, where you will choose the track related to your studies (M for Medical, T for technical, W for business and G for humanities).  The FSP exam at the end of the year enables you to upgrade your school grades from graduation and opens new doors for you.

Your Pathway
at EasySkillz includes a super-intensive German language preparation course as well as a pre-Foundation maths course.  The pathway comprises 30 hours per week intensive training and is accompanied by our parallel university placement counselling and application service.  Since the places available at state Foundation Colleges are restricted by the entrance exam, we also guarantee you a higher than average level of German language enabling you to perform in the top 20% to secure your place.  During the prep course we advise you to stay with selected local families or in shared student flats in order to maximise exposure to the language and culture.  Budget options in local student dormitories are, of course, also available.  On graduation at the Foundation college all doors are open for you to apply for any university for any programme within the track studied. If you took the T track for example then of course you can apply for any technical or engineering subject.

Further details
Due to the level of competition for entrance to some subjects, especially in the technical and medical fields, EazySkillz has also set up cooperation programmes with some foundation colleges in order to offer you more security and remove the stress out of the application process.  Our cooperation partners in Berlin and Saxony offer you guaranteed seats for technical and business programmes at local universities, while our partner in Dresden offers you a guaranteed seat in the pre-medical programme enabling you to apply for any of the 30+ medical schools in Germany on graduation. To begin the process, let us have your school records and transcripts and give us an idea of your future study goals and we will recommend the perfect solution for you to meet your goals.


The Foundation to Bachelor Programme
Pathway: 12-30 weeks of language and 6 weeks of maths  training and exam preparation with lodging in a host family or student residence Foundation: 1 year at Foundation College with lodging in a local student residence University: entrance into any undergraduate degree programme in the Foundation Tracks (M,T,W or G) on graduation
Additionals included in the package
Insurance University placement
Entrance Requirements
Completed school education in your home country and confirmation of eligibility to enter German university through a Foundation
Excellent achievements at school, business and technical (65%), medical (75%), humanities (60%)
Admission to Foundation College is once a year in September/October
Selected universities and colleges also offer entrance in March/April Application should be 3-4 months before your pathway course begins

Are you eligible for 100% scholarship education in Germany?