Requirements to Study in Germany for Indian Students

For any of the course to study in Germany, the Indian students need to meet up the minimum German language requirement. With this, they also need to get the academic record of the 70% or just above in their 12th standard which is mainly required. There are various foundations or the diploma are available for the students who have secured 60% in their XII standard. The students need to be complete with 18 years of the age for joining the study in the Germany.

Here are some of the general requirements which the Indian students need for their study in the Germany:

Proof of their Identity:

To study in Germany for Indian students it is important to include the photographs of their passport which have a validity of 6 months after the date of the departure and as well as the recent passport size photograph with their family members.

All the educational Certifications:

The aspirant who needs to go Germany for their certifications is needed to offer the proof of the educational qualification in starting from the tenth grade.

Experience Certificated:

The students who are in need to go to Germany for their study need to have the original experience certificates as well as other documents.

Needs to be Proficient in English:

Each and the every top university of the German has their criteria for enrolling the international students. Some of the universities need to have the proof of the scorecard of IELTS or TOEFL which ensures the English proficiency.

Financial Support Proof:

This proof will state that the aspirant is totally eligible to stay in the Germany for their career. There is some approximate amount which needs to be available in the account of the students. The financial status of the student can be ensured that the student is eligible to study in the Germany.  For the aspirant to give the financial proof they need to offer:

  • The sponsorship letter by the sponsors in Germany
  • Loan has been sanctioned and bank documents
  • State of the bank
  • The financial guarantee from the parents or the other relative with the exact proof.

A fee of Visa:

The aspirant needs to be verified with the current exchange with the rate of the fee of the visa and attain the demand draft. The fee for the visa needs to be paid through the demand draft at the time of the interview. The fee needs to be paid through the demand draft as it is not been made in the cash and incorrect demand draft is been rejected. But the fee of the visa is not just rejected if the visa is rejected. The fee for the visa for the adults is 60 Euros and minors among the age of 0 to 17 years is just 30 Euros.

Some other Documents Needed:

  • Insurance of the Medical
  • Letter which explained the main purpose as well as the duration to stay
  • The application form duly signed
  • Letter from the university that confirms the admission.

Requirements of Academic to Study in Germany:

Each and every student of the Germany has their own criteria for enrolling the students for the admissions. Most of the Germany universities need to have good German language skills and proficiency of the German language is certified. Some of the academic requirements for the individuals are:

Study for Under graduation:

The country Germany offers the broad range of the study programmes in the English as well as the German language. The universities of the Germany also ask the students for the skills in the German language if you really want to take the admission in the degree course in the German language. The aspirant who is just wanted to study in the Germany for the bachelor degree he needs to fulfill some of the criteria:

  • The applicant needs to be complete successfully the first year of their bachelor degrees from the recognized university
  • The aspirant needs to clear the entrance exam of the IIT for the courses in the technology and natural science.
  • The aspirants need to pass the qualification assessment exam in Germany.
  • With the successful competition of the assessment exam, the aspirant needs to be eligible for the bachelor degree.

Graduate Course:

All the University of the Germany had their own requirement for the admission in their university for the aspirant. Most of the university for enrolling the aspirant for the graduate course needs to have the proof of IELTS/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL exam score. Depending on the score your field of the study is been decided.


For the aspirants to study in Germany above are all the requirements which need to be successfully completed. of the students needs to take the admission for the study in Germany they need to consider these things as this can help them to make the successful decision.

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